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 Untamed Area, Sophisticated Pleasures
       Grand Junction is touted as "Colorado's Wine Country," but visitors from out of state might be more impressed by the geology with the dramatic red rock spires. Sitting on the Colorado Plateau, and surrounded by land that rises all around it, Grand Junction is tucked away in the mountains, far from the view and influences of bigger cities such as Denver.

 Colorado National Monument
       These monoliths tower above and their red rock spires grow straight up into the sky. This is contrasted with deep canyons with trails at the bottom that twist and turn incomprehensibly. This is a back-country hikers paradise. A photographer won't lack for something to do, either. It's a spiritual adventure, humbling to the most arrogant tourist.

 Museum of Western Colorado
       This museum offers peaks into the lives of miners, Indians and dinosaurs, all previous residents of the area. With multi-media displays and hands-on activities, it's a nice way to stretch your mind in these three, diverse directions.

       Late summer is the best time to visit Grand Junction because that's when a whole day, or two, can be spent on the vineyard tour - tasting, eating and enjoying the festivals. Any time of year the vineyards are a beautiful contrast to the rocky outcroppings all around the grounds.

 Jazz it Up in Grand Junction
       There is jazz among the grapevines, among other music festivals in Grand Junction. One can also bounce and sway to the country music festival and the rock jam. Speaking of jazz, what goes better with jazz than art. The Art and Jazz festival takes over the streets of Grand Junction.

 Wild Horses
       One of the few places in the country to see truly wild horses, Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Area just outside Grand Junction offers this opportunity. It's inspirational to see them in a natural setting. You can explore by foot or four-wheeler, but don't expect them to come to your car (as the big horn sheep might do), they really are wild and we'd like to keep them that way.

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Zoo Grand Junction
Burch Maze
Colorado National Monument
Winery Loop
Dinosaur Journey Museum
Grand Junction Motorspeedway
Math & Science Center
DooZoo Children's Museum
Aladdin's Castle
Museum of the West
Fun Junction
Western Colorado Botanical Gardens
Avalon Theatre

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